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About Us

This is the about us page! Here, we will talk about what we do, and a little bit about our team!

What We Do

At Art To Heal The Heart, our mission is to make patients in hospitals smile and heal. When patients are alone in a hospital room with just the television, some books, and themselves, they might feel lonely. Our goal is to create inspirational artwork that brings hope to a patient. Our artwork consists of many themes such as patients destroying germs, and scenic pictures of patients relaxing. One day, we hope to become a successful nonprofit organization.


Meet Our Team

Annika Raj:

Annika Raj is the technology manager. She occasionally creates artwork, but she in charge of the website, youtube channel, and publicity. She constantly works with Samvi to create design inspirations for the artwork. Her hobbies include singing, acting, and coloring.

Samvi Raj:
Samvi Raj is one of the artists. He is creative, energetic, and meticulous with his art. He works with Annika to lay the groundwork for each drawing and he takes the ideas and runs with them. He sketches and plans out all of the poses before inking and coloring them. He loves art, nature, animals, and video games!

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